Please have a look at these…

Studio8 Design is a very nice place to work.

The Caseroom Press Designers and publishers of many very well considered books and The Case Magazine. The founders of which do a grand job of teaching the graphic design course at Lincoln.

Dowling Duncan John Dowling is a partner at this studio, previously of Pentagram and Frost, I was privileged to be taught by him at Lincoln.

GRRR is an artist / graphic design collaboration of the highest mischevious order. Half of which teaches at Lincoln. Both great drinking company.

The Click A great studio in Norwich where I've had the pleasure of interning.

Craig Oldham is a very nice chap, with some inspirational work to boot.

Barnbrook Design – where I had a good stint interning.

The Chase – Northern ideas-fuelled design, very useful placement.

Phil Haynes
Toby Burkill
Lauren Traynor
Danny Elliott
David Marsh
Tom Lovell
Shaun Hughes
Thom Stoodley
Ryan Van Kesteren