The Design Auction St Bride was a fundraising event organised and designed by myself, Danny Elliott, Lauren Traynor, Toby Burkill, Barrie Tullett, and John Dowling from the Lincoln School of Art and Design. The aim was to raise money for this years degree show, and for the St Bride printing library in London.The identity of the event played on the visual theme of letterpress in relation to St Bride and the history of printing, and also the -vs- idea of playing the lots off against each other in accordance to their worth. The auction was held in London at St Bride on 19th March 2009. Some photographs are courtesy of photographer Julian Anderson.

D&AD Student Awards 2009

        Posters printed at K2 Screen    On the racks at K2                        Catalogue designed by Toby Burkill         Letter-pressing the goodie bags